My Christian Testimony, page 2 - The Danger of Procrastination
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My Christian Testimony

Jesus said,
"Ye Must Be Born Again"

If you truly desire eternal life, you, too, must ask Jesus to save you. No one can ask for you. You must do it yourself.

As you know, death has many faces. It can come slowly, with much suffering, as during starvation or following a long, painful illness (Alzheimer's disease, cancer, etc.)--or it can come suddenly, with little or no warning. Examples include accidents (plane crashes, car crashes, etc.), medical emergencies (heart attacks, gunshot wounds, etc.), natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.), and intentional destruction (arson, terrorism, war, etc.). One need only watch the news to see the various ways in which lives can end.

You have the opportunity right now to be saved, and you may never get a second chance. Please don't put it off!

                              Linda O'Donnell

Note: My gospel tracts contain Bible verses to help you understand how and why we must be saved. If you haven't done so already, I urge you to read one or more of them. I hope that they'll be a blessing to you.

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